Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Joe Girardi, WFAN agree to expanded deal on Mike Francesa show-WSJ. UPDATED-Now back to 1x week-Newsday

"I spoke to Mike Francesa this morning to follow up on Rieber's piece in Monday's Newsday about Joe Girardi having second thoughts about appearing daily on WFAN this season.

  • Here is what he said:

"I knew for a long time that [WFAN operations manager Mark] Chernoff and Joe's agent were negotiating this deal. It was discussed with me on numerous occasions. I was told it was done for a very long time.

  • "Finally I was told [by Chernoff] I could announce it [on the air]. Then I was told [last week] the deal was off, case closed. What I announced had been agreed upon completely. It wasn't just something I went with.

"I think he just changed his mind. I know I’ve done it you, where agree to something and then when you see what it’s going to do to your schedule you say, 'Wait a second, I can’t do all this.'

  • "What I said on the air was something I was told was completely done, solid, done deal. I was surprised [that changed].""
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3/21/11, 1:26pm, At the open of today's show Mike said there might have been a miscommunication between Girardi and his agent, that he (Mike) wasn't involved with the discussions, but someone at WFAN spoke with the agent over a long period of time about doing a daily show, which as of now will remain once a week. ed.

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""The way it was announced is not the way it was talked about," he said. "It just didn't work out the way we thought it was going to work out."
  • Girardi will continue the Thursday afternoon appearances.

"We had planned to do it every weekday all season, but Joe asked to go back to our previous deal of once a week with Mike," WFAN operations manager Mark Chernoff said. "He felt it was going to be too time- consuming having to do it every day . . . We were perfectly understanding of Joe's feelings."

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3/08/11, WSJ, "Yankee manager Joe Girardi will make a radio appearance on Mike Francesa's show on 660 WFAN-AM before roughly half the Yankees' games this year, according to WFAN.

Baseball managers often make weekly paid radio appearances on local stations, but appearances with this level of frequency are less common. Girardi had already made a weekly appearance on WFAN. He is scheduled to appear between 1:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. each time, according to the station.

  • "It's going to be extremely short, really short, so I'll go do it and then go do my other duties," Girardi said.

The radio appearance adds to an extensive list of media duties, including the Joe Girardi Show, a half-hour program that airs Sundays during the season on the YES Network.

via NY Radio Message Board to which poster Steve B added:
  • "I guess this has nothing to do with where Yankees PxP goes in 2012, but one never knows... "
(Yankee radio play by play currently airs on WCBS AM 880 in New York).
  • P.S. I heard Mike Francesa make the announcement on Monday. He usually takes a month off in August, so maybe Girardi will do the interviews with Francesa's substitute for those weeks.

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