Monday, February 14, 2011

Sports media abandon fans in effort to comfort owners-Mushnick

2/13/11, "There used to be a credo handed down to those in the business of gathering and reporting the news:

The sports media here have abandoned the afflicted, thus serve to further comfort the comfortable. We fluff their pillows, smooth their linen, tuck them in at night. There’s

  • more media outrage over a blown save than

a perfectly useful, 33-year-old football stadium — and two massive, multigenerational fan bases —

Wilpon has support of (Larry) King

ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” this morning at 9, examines the Madoff/Wilpon/Mets mess. Heard from is Larry King, a high school chum of Fred Wilpon. King said he invested with Bernie Madoff on Wilpon’s recommendation, but defended “Freddie” as someone who would “never, ever do a dishonest thing or screw a friend.”"


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