Saturday, February 05, 2011

Cashman kicking Pettitte out after 2003 can never be forgiven-commenter

2/3/11, NY Times Bats Blog, "Andy Pettitte decides to retire"
  • Commenter #4
"I am one of those fans that will never forgive Cashman for letting him go to Houston. The 2004 series with Boston would have turned out differently This is terrible news for the Yankees, good news for the Pettitte family. Andy Pettitte is one of the all-time great Yankee pitchers and, along with Bernie Williams et al, helped to usher in the recent era of Yankee dominance."
  • Above Andy greets Bernie, 2/4/11
  • photos 1 and 3, with baby son Jared, getty, 2 NY Times


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