Saturday, February 05, 2011

Selig has 4 franchises in trouble and needs to consider contracting 2-Bill Madden

2/5/11, Bill Madden: "The same exec said no one dares bring up the "C" (contraction) word to Selig in discussions about these two endangered franchises (Rays and A's), but we will. If Sternberg is unable to secure a new stadium for the Rays in Tampa because of the depressed Florida economy, and Wolff is denied in his effort to move the A's to San Jose, then baseball really needs to put both of them out of their misery and contract their clubs. Under those circumstances, Selig would be doing a positive service to the game.

With a year to go on his contract, Selig would certainly seem to have a lot more work to do in regard to his legacy, with four of his franchises in dire trouble and looking for his leadership. No one should have to tell him this is why he gets the big bucks."


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