Thursday, December 02, 2010

June interview showed sign of things to come for Cashman

6/29/10: ""We don't negotiate in public," Levine said as part of a "TimesTalks" program. "But I would find it highly, highly unlikely if both of them were not back with the Yankees." ...
  • Levine made it clear that what the duo has accomplished in the last 15 years will be weighed heavily.
"Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera are the Yankees," Levine said....
  • General manager Brian Cashman also appeared on the panel,
  • but did not show his hand as much as Levine.
He did speak about the difficulty of finding a successor for Rivera when that day comes. "It's going to be hell replacing him," Cashman said. "He has been the most meaningful Yankee during this stretch.""... (Cashman did not jump in on Levine's evaluation. ed)

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