Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prison inmates in Scotland given flat screen tv's to meet 'green' energy targets

11/12, BBC: "The Scottish Prison Service is ordering hundreds of flat-screen televisions for inmates in order to meet
  • energy efficiency targets, it has emerged.

It wants to acquire 1,600 19-inch sets for use across the estate, including at new sites at Shotts and Low Moss.

  • Labour expressed anger at the move and said it would "shock" the public.

However, the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) said the TV sets would not cost the taxpayer any money

  • as prisoners were charged for television access."... (What is the source of prisoner income? Who's putting up cash for the tv's while the child rapists are paying $2 a week? ed)

(continuing): "Richard Baker, Labour's justice spokesman, said: "Many of my constituents can't afford new televisions, and particularly not swanky 19-inch flat-screen affairs. What sort of message does this send?"

  • The SPS said televisions had been "a feature" of prisons since 1999 when Labour began its eight-year term at Holyrood.

A spokesman for the service said: "SPS are seeking a future supply of in-cell televisions which are energy efficient

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