Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Film maker Ken Burns compares Tea Party to prohibitionists, says is last gasp of Protestantism

Ken Burns was interviewed by entertainer Adam Carolla for his podcast radio show on 9/27/10, the discussion ranged to social issues: "Carolla: Prohibition as it pertains to – I guess you know a lot of people draw the comparison to drugs….
  • Burns: you know what it’s such a stupid parallel to draw and the reason is, yea, you could talk about that stuff, but drugs have always been parts of some very rare subculture – every culture drinks alcohol, as fermented or distilled spirits.
The real connection about prohibition to me the thing that there’s nothing new under the sun is that this is a story about right-wing, single issue, campaigns that metastasize it. This is the story about the demonization of immigrants, this is story about state and local governments complaining about unfunded mandates, this is the story about smear campaigns against Democrats, this is a story about unintended consequences, it is almost exactly what’s going on now, We keep these Romans from getting their wine; you know we’ll still be able to hold on; As pointed out by the kind transcriber, Mr. Burns' line of reasoning may be no surprise to some, but is helpful to keep in mind
  • when viewing a director's work.
Video also posted on Adam Carolla site. via ThreeFingersofPolitics.com

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