Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Mickey Luckoff resigns from KGO radio after 35 years, cites Citadel not 'good people'

10/4, "Luckoff told his staff today that he has resigned from his position as President and General Manager of KGO and KSFO Radio, ending his tenure of the past 35 years.
  • Apart from the 'thanks for the memories,' no explanation immediately forthcoming in an initial press release for the out-of-the-blue move.

But in an interview with me just now, Luckoff made no bones about why, from his point of view, he gave the station owner, Citadel Broadcasting, two weeks notice.

  • "These aren't very good people," he said. "They don't treat people well. They undermine you at every turn."

Responding to an online rumor, Luckoff said he "absolutely, positively" was not forced out.

"This has been building up for some time," -- basically from when Citadel bought the station from Disney three years ago, said Luckoff. "I've had the resignation letter in my desk for nine months.""

via RadioDailyNews

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