Tuesday, October 26, 2010

California's 12.4% unemployment can set the pace for much worse as a deformed society of lemmings is piously predisposed to punishment

CS Monitor piously urges lemmings to vote 'yes' for carbon profiteers and 'no' for Prop. 23: California's 12/4% unemployment "can set the pace". "Now is not the time, nor is there any need, The blame and the burden has been shifted back again to the individual, awash in primordial guilt, the familiar sinner facing punishment for his sins, his excesses, Californians can set the pace by not driving to the San Francisco World Series games this year. This is the perfect chance for America to show other countries that we will adjust our lifestyle, we know it makes them angry that we're not quite dead in a gutter. We might vote YES on Prop 23 coming up as a last gasp of life, but we'll otherwise do as groups like NRDC and MLB want us to do, which is to think of the planet before ourselves. And Dave Matthews, too. He told us to ride a bike while he flies or his bus dumps 800 pounds of human waste into a river. This shows how selfish Americans are, and other countries aren't going to put up with it. It's not fair to them for us to drive to the World Series in San Francisco even if the Giants allow their elite ballplayers to become promoters for the trillion dollar carbon trading industry. "On opening day of the 2007 baseball season, the owner of the Toronto Blue Jays
  • stood in front of the giant jumbotron,

an electronic extravaganza, encircled by a ring of dancing corporate logos and advertising,

  • and exhorted every person in the crowd, preposterously, to go out and
  • buy an energy-efficient light bulb.
  • They applauded."...
"If the corporate climate change campaign has fuelled a fevered popular preoccupation with global warming, it has also accomplished much more. Having arisen
  • it has restored confidence in those very faiths and forces which that movement had
  • worked so hard to expose and challenge:
  • globe-straddling profit-maximizing corporations and
  • their myriad agencies and agendas."...
Cartoon, photo, CS Monitor satire from Steven Goddard blog, via Climate Depot


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