Sunday, October 24, 2010

Old fears don't apply for new day Yankee managers like Girardi

10/23, "It was another bad decision in an ALCS full of them for Girardi. Good thing for him these aren't the days of Hurricane George, when Boss Steinbrenner just might have
  • fired a manager for a series like Girardi and the Yankees had against the Rangers.

Instead Girardi has no such fears. GM Brian Cashman, in fact, left no doubt after Friday night's game.

  • "He's absolutely coming back," Cashman said when asked about Girardi's contract being up.

One thing for sure, though: between the Cubs already naming a manager and his decision-making in this series, Girardi surely lost a lot of leverage. But thanks to last year's championship he'll probably get a three-year deal.

  • Hey, it's not like Girardi deserves to lose his job here. He's a solid manager who has proven he can take a team, ultra-talented as it may be, to the top.

But he appeared awfully tight when the Yankees struggled in September,

  • and that seems to be an ongoing issue.

Perhaps most importantly, though, he needs to trust his feel for his players more and not rely so heavily on numbers. It's one thing to use matchup numbers as a guide, but it's another to let them dictate every move you make."...

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