Thursday, September 02, 2010

'Repatriation' of La Barbie to US -trial lawyers in clover

9/2, Blog del Narco translation from Spanish, "US Government demands return of 'La Barbie' fortune": "While the Mexican authorities prepare the repatriation of Édgar Valdez Villarreal, “Barbie”, to the United States, that country gets ready to the past demand the goods of the lengthy criminal Monday. The Government of the EU(US) has preparation a judicial plea to try to appropriate itself all the bottoms of the hood, as soon as it is deportee.
  • A document of the federal Court of the North District of Georgia, mentioned by a national newspaper, indicates that in its judicial strategy the North American authorities prehorseradish tree to become of the money obtained by Valdez Villarreal.
“Once it is briefed, Édgar Valdez Villarreal (La Barbie) will have to give to the United States all the properties derived from the obtained gains, direct or indirectly of violations (to the Federal Law Antinarcotic of the EU(US))”, it exhibits the text.
  • In agreement with the writing mentioned by the metropolitan newspaper, a sum equivalent in American currency will be
  • confiscated him “to the amount of the obtained thing by its crimes”.
Additionally, “once it is briefed by crimes of money laundering, will have to give any property, real or personal, involved in these crimes”, raises the text.
  • The judicial investigation reveals the modus operandi of Valdez Villarreal (La Barbie) to take to Mexico million dollars product of the gains of the distribution and drug sale in the United States.
They transported money in trailer and other vehicles to different points from Texas, where the money was stored temporarily until being transported through the border of the United States towards Mexico, where he was received”, needs the analysis.
  • The Department of Justice of the United States, organization that would take the case, established a species of precaution clause in case the head of sicarios deposited money to name of other people or acquired properties by means of third parties.
If the bottoms cannot be located because they were transferred, sold, they have been devaluated or subdivided, the United States will seize any other property of the defendant equivalent to the defined value”, indicates the official writing." from Blog del Narco


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