Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Google Japan offers free MLB games via You Tube in Japan

8/31, "Internet search giant Google Inc.'s Japan branch is now offering free unedited videos of all Major League Baseball games recorded since 2009 through YouTube.
  • YouTube, a Google subsidiary, signed an agreement with MLB Advanced Media L.P., which oversees all Internet broadcasts of Major League games, to make all games available for viewing within 36 hours of the last out.

As of Aug. 30, in addition to the games about 4,000 other videos such as digests of Japanese players' activities and highlight reels became available for viewing, some featuring Japanese commentary.

  • Videos from before 2009, including such famous scenes as Hank Aaron's record-breaking 715th career home run, or
  • the first time pitcher Hideo Nomo took a Major League mound, are also set for gradual release.

The unedited games are available only to users in Japan, while the highlight videos are available to users in Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil as well. The videos can only be seen via PC, not with devices such as cellular phones or iPads.

Google Japan says it is not required to pay broadcasting fees, but shares revenue with MLB Advanced Media from ads that accompany the videos. They say this arrangement allowed them to offer the service for free." from Mainichi Daily News

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