Friday, September 03, 2010

'La Barbie' may have surrendered because he knows he's safer in the US, deal takes heat off Calderon for a few days

4 factors set the stage, as suggested by Blog del Narco: La Barbie feared for his life, the capture was 'too neat,' he knew the US could keep him alive 9/3, from Blog del Narco: "La 'Barbie' in our country is the ultimate expression of violence and also received training in E U. (US) . Now it appears that will soon return to where it was created. "
  • This was on Monday August 16 Antonio Navalon journalist wrote in his article "Calderón: A country in flames," published in El Universal. Thirteen days later, "La Barbie", was shown by the Federal Police to the media.
Journalistic insider accurate premonition, the truth is that Antonio Navalon comment is the tip of a thread which leads to question whether "La Barbie" was arrested or if he surrendered.
  • And although it is undeniable that the case of "La Barbie" is a well-aimed blow against drug trafficking in Mexico, as you know the details of his arrest, increase the doubts.
The substantive question is whether the dangerous drug kingpin was arrested as presumed Mexican authorities or
  • whether he surrendered to authorities in his country of origin, USA,
  • in an attempt to save his life.
In the "informative premonition"of Navalón new questions were added when the gunman was presented to the media by deploying a wide smile. " What are you laughing The Barbie? "was the question.
  • For some it was mockery, for others satisfaction. The truth is that the dangerous drug lord gave no sign of distress.
It was evident that one of the most wanted drug traffickers in Mexico, the couple of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, Héctor Beltrán Leyva, "The H" of Heriberto Lazcano, "The Lazca" and Antonio Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen, "Tony Tormenta", quiet breathing.
  • Four factors set the stage for a possible surrender and handover of "Barbie" to U.S. authorities.
1.- Since the execution-capture their former boss of bosses, Arturo Beltran Leyva, "El Barbas" in Morelos, and Ignacio "Nacho" Coronel, in Jalisco, "La Barbie" feared for his life. ...
  • But it would not be negotiating with Mexican authorities, unreliable, but with the United States, its country of origin. After all, one of his former boss, Osiel Cardenas Guillen, ended extradited and participating in the witness protection program. The former head of the Gulf Cartel now lives to tell about it, you can smile.
2. Very neat Capture- To be the most violent and dangerous assassin in the country, the capture of "Barbie", was impeccably clean, bloodless.
  • He notes, however, the ease with which the elements of the Federal Police, without any assistance from the Defense or the Navy, were able to reach the safe house "La Barbie", located in the Glen of Ensign, in the State of Mexico.
Moreover, the property that is expressly a place for the boss to hide, was not heavily guarded by a regiment of assassins that might alert the famous tenant promptly about any danger.
  • Also curious that, having given the catch in this safe house, the property was neither sealed off or protected by any authority.
  • The media could enter to take video at home. Fatal procedural error or oversight?
3.-Under U.S. law -Do you want to be extradited to the United States or you do not want to go back there," said a foreign correspondent for "La Barbie" during his presentation last Tuesday to the media. And the boss took concrete smile. Again.
  • "La Barbie" is a U.S. citizen. Born in Laredo, Texas. And under that condition, could facilitate his extradition.
Even aware that the United States there are two arrest warrants with exhortations to Mexico against narco now captured.
  • In these circumstances, he might ask to be tried in his country where he was wanted.
He does not trust the authorities in Mexico, where many now fearful that complicity known ties to drug trafficking.
  • And to show, there is the murder of Jose L. Carrizales, alias "El Tubi", a hit of Sinaloa that after being acquitted in Jalisco, was moved to Nuevo Laredo prison before his release, only to end up murdered by an inmate.
4 .- Timely Capture -On Monday 30 August, the Federal Police Commissioner Facundo Rosas went out for news that would shake public opinion.
  • Some three thousand two hundred members of the Federal Police were dismissed for not complying with the requirements of the corporation and not pass the tests of confidence. They were not fit for office.
The blush of shame in the ranks of the Secretariat of Public Security Genaro Garcia Luna to command did not last long.
  • In the afternoon they were announcing the capture of "Barbie."
  • The infiltration of bad elements in the police ranks Mexico took second place.
The celebration for the capture of drug lord appeared with every opportunity, as in so many other occasions with other information managed from the units has led García Luna.
  • Known in military and police circles as "The Writer", a nickname it earned since recreated for the television cameras to capture a gang of kidnappers, including Cassez Florence was the French, the strongman of security in Mexico will came in handy that day, the fall of "Barbie."
  • The opportunity also included international extinguish the fire led to the discovery of 72 corpses of aliens in a warehouse in Tamaulipas, and came to put the icing on the cake to the Fourth Report of the government of Felipe Calderón. "In the war against organized crime, we are winning the battle" could be said without hesitation. "The Barbie" I endorse. ...
The holder of the Navy recognized the potential for restructuring with criminal groups, and even which process also leads to violence within the criminal organizations and society involvement."...


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