Thursday, August 26, 2010

Failure of Mexican government cited by Amnesty International in slaughter of 72 immigrants to Mexico including children

Ecuadorean survivor among 72 murdered by Mexicans about 100 miles from Texas border Update 8/26: Top 2 photos of scenes from mass murder from El blog del Narco. Same source also notes 'minors' were among those murdered. And, that Mexican military at first did not believe the story of the one Ecuadorean immigrant who survived (above).
  • 8/25/10, CNN: "One of the vehicles had been disguised to look like a truck from the Ministry of National Defense, officials said.
"This discovery once again demonstrates the extreme danger and violence that Central Americans face on their treacherous journey north, as well as
  • Mexican authorities' abject failure to protect them," Amnesty International said.
"Mexico must immediately investigate this massacre, bring the perpetrators to justice and establish the identities of those killed so that their families can be informed."
  • Wednesday's gruesome discovery came about a month after authorities in the neighboring state of Nuevo Leon discovered 51 bodies in nine mass graves.
In that instance, investigators found charred remains...where bodies were presumably burned in steel drums, the state-run Notimex news agency said."...
8/26, MSNBC: "The Zetas so brutally control some parts of Tamaulipas that even
Many residents in the state tell of loved ones or friends who have disappeared traveling from one town to the next.
  • Many of these kidnappings are never reported for fear
  • that police are in league with the criminals."...
Telegraph reports Calderon's methods will not work as corruption is endemic throughout
  • judicial, police, and prison systems, investors now holding back:
8/26, Telegraph UK, "Some foreign investors have put investment plans in (US-Mexican) border factories on hold....Drug trade analysts say the army alone cannot defeat the cartels and that Calderon risks serious lawlessness if he does not follow through with
  • reforms to the justice,
  • prison systems,
4/29/10, "Amnesty International cites abuse of migrants in Mexico," Arizona Daily Star

top photo ap
UPDATE, 9/2, BBC, 2nd survivor of massacre revealed, a Honduran, "Ecuador and Honduras in row over migrant massacre"


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