Thursday, August 19, 2010

Duaner Sanchez in studio on WFAN with Tony Paige

I recall hearing Duaner Sanchez' car accident in 2006 was at 2 in the morning, but it turns out it was at 9:25PM. He is aware many people were saying, what the heck is he doing out at 2 in the morning, but that wasn't the case. He never pressed charges against the guy who hit him even though lawyers invited him to do so. He was dispirited that his career might be lost and that's all he cared about. He didn't realize his shoulder was out until after he got out of the cab.
  • If he hadn't put his arm up as the other car hit his cab, he probably would be dead. (Seat belt issue hasn't come up, ie whether or not he was wearing one). He's playing today in an independent league for the Sussex Skyhawks as a closer, likes the group of guys, says they all work because they want to get out of there.
Next he'll play winter ball in the Dominican. Paige raised the point again that no one from the Mets ever called him after his accident, and Sanchez confirmed that was the case. The trainer dropped him off at the hotel, and that was it, he said. On Mets, says 'cleaning house' isn't the answer as much as making better decisions. His favorite 2 managers were Jerry Manuel and Jim Tracy because they made players feel comfortable. From listening to him, Sanchez sounds like a good guy and good team mate. Says again he thinks Oliver Perez would get the work he needs in the minors.
  • P.S. Response to the Duaner Sanchez interview was overwhelmingly positive, he was great, the callers were great. I did have the feeling one caller sneaked through who was a 'concern troll.' Those guys don't like it when the truth gets out.


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