Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Media rejoice forthcoming decapitated heads. Rhode Island allowed to defend itself against terrorist invasion, Arizona not.

Decapitated heads in Mexico, a common experience. photo via Giovanni.
  • "You say you want a revolution
  • Well you know"... John Lennon
  • Trash on Arizona border, Rape Tree in background,
  • photo 3/16/09, Now Public
"Managers of the area estimate each person leaves behind 8 pounds of trash as they cross this area, resulting in over 2 MILLION pounds of trash annually"...Media delirious with joy at the thought of garbage, vermin, disease, and suffering. ed. photo of sign from People for Preserving our Western Heritage, meaning freedom from torture, decapitations, human smuggling, disease, vermin, garbage, and terrorism. To the media this view is seen as of course 'racist.' ed. Sorry, this can't last.


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