Monday, May 17, 2010

Boston Globe says Arizona All Star game should be moved. People are also free to cancel travel plans to Boston.

Sunday, May 16 editorial, "To protest Arizona law, baseball should move All-Star game."
  • Some of the Globe's commenters:
"Wonger Way
  • This editorial is making the assumption that there is a reason to protest Arizona and that they are doing something wrong."
  • Let me see . On one side , you have a totally gutless boston city council , a mayor famous for avoiding ALL responsibility and accountability , a desperate governor trying to hold on to his job and now , the Boston Globe , who join together with the liberal left in berating and 2nd guessing a border state who happens to be caught up in a dodge city situation and is concerned about the safety and well being of it's residents , which is a helluva lot more than you can say about our own so-called city and state leadership."...
  • Wow, quote from editorial. "Since the law singles out the nearly 30 percent of the players who are Latino". Does this mean that 30 percent of the players will be stopped for committing a crime, which is a requirement of the law?"
  • 'Arizona’s new immigration law empowers police to demand documentation from anyone who is suspected of being an illegal immigrant — a practice that would likely oblige most Latinos to carry documentation,"
  • No, globie, it is not 'from anyone suspected of being illegal,' it is from anyone suspected of performing another crime; collateral to that, they can ask for that dreaded 'documentation,' your driver's licence. It is like, after a cop stops you for some other traffic violation, they can also bag you for not wearing your seat belt.'
  • "oblige most Latinos to carry documentation." grow up; everyone carrys documentation, again, especially, that dreaded driver's licence.
  • the globe, like the Boston city council, and the NFL should mind its own business, or volunteer to guard the AZ border, or live in Pheonix, which has become the kidnap capital of the US, not because of the good, peaceable Mexican Americans, but because of the criminal hordes.
Everyone is for immigration; all of our ancestors immigrated at some point. It just has to be in a controlled, measured flow, so that the receiving institutions, esp. in the southwest states, can handle the gradual increase."...


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