Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Los Angeles Angels observe suicide on NYC street before Yankee game

  • top Torii Hunter signing in street at suicide scene,
  • middle Ervin Santana near scene, bottom street
  • near hotel scene, all NY Daily News
"A Manhattan man jumped to his death Tuesday morning from the rooftop pool area of a ritzy Midtown hotel where the Los Angeles Angels were staying before their Opening Day game in Yankee Stadium, cops and witnesses said.
  • At least one baseball player watched in horror as the 39-year-old man plunged from the 42nd floor of the Le Parker Meridien in an apparent suicide, his broken body landing on W. 56th St. about 8:15 a.m....

Angels pitchers Jared Weaver and Matt Palmer were just crossing the street when the man plunged.

Weaver refused to discuss the incident. The rest of the Angels boarded their team bus while cops were still surveying the grisly scene.

  • The suicidal man was not a guest of the hotel, but a former employee."...
from NY Daily News, 4/13/10, "Angels head for Yankee opening day game, watch in horror as man leaps to death from hotel roof"


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