Sunday, April 11, 2010

Official Pinstriped Guacamole

"Yes, it's true. Wholly Guacamole, already the official guacamole of the Dallas Cowboys, now has been named the official guacamole of the Bronx Bombers.

But Fresherized's ever-clever marketing people are keeping its new, Yankee pinstriped guacamole packaging

  • only in stores where the team's fans are likely to shop -- and no farther north than Connecticut.

Any higher up and it runs into partisan Red Sox territory, explained Tracey Altman, the firm's marketing maven and a Bostonian....

  • If it was a promotional coup for Fresherized, it comes at a cost of "low six figures," we're told.

And at no small personal cost to Altman.

  • "From a personal perspective, I can't mention [the deal] when I come home to Boston. They're all avid Red Sox fans," she said."...

From Ft. Worth Star-Telegram by Schlacter and Co., "Wholly Guacamole now official avocado dip of NY Yankees," 4/11/10 via Daylife


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