Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In 2001 Selig proposed contracting the Rays, A's, Twins, and Expos

"Roughly 48 hours after the end of the 2001 World Series, Selig again provoked the ire of baseball fans and some owners when he tried to hold contraction hearings targeting the elimination of four franchises, namely the Athletics, Devil Rays (now the Rays), Expos, and Twins.
  • The action led to Selig, along with former Expos owner Jeffrey Loria, being accused of racketeering and conspiracy to defraud the Expos' minority owners. Since $300 million in punitive damages were at stake,
Selig and Loria slyly settled out of court (for an amount that has never been disclosed to this day), since the judge in the case had ruled that the Expos could not relocate to Washington, D.C. until the case was closed. "... For certain strange people, no amount of money and political manipulation is enough. At some point, baseball will completely change and be rid of these people. ed.

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