Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Journalism must conform to groupthink, be approved by Tom Friedman, otherwise it's bad for the country--Columbia Journ. Rev.

CJR article says journalism needs to fall in line, needs to conform, meet the approval of people like NY Times' Tom Friedman, a member of the Pulitzer Prize judging panel. They screamed for free speech until they got control of information outlets. No more: CJR: "It’s not good the Journal isn’t doing Pulitzer-level work in the eyes of Pulitzer jurists. It’s not good that the global financial news leader is drifting away [from] the journalism establishment.
  • Journalism needs an establishment,
Especially now, with the financial crisis nowhere near fully explored or explained, the Journal remains an indispensable resource for readers and the public generally.
  • At the risk of being overly earnest, I hope the Journal’s new brass takes the Pulitzer results not as a snub but as a challenge. Let’s not have another April like this."
  • from Columbia Journalism Review article by Dean Starkman, 4/13/10, via Poynter.org/Romenesko. ***(item at end of article)

About awards, from an 11/16/08 Australian Broadcasting report of a Rupert Murdoch speech:

  • pushing their own agendas, at the expense of circulation....
for fellow journalists rather than what is relevant to readers' lives, while some editors commission stories where
  • the sole purpose is the quest for a prize.
  • "When I started out in the business anyone who dared parade a prize for excellence would have been hooted out of the newsroom for taking himself too seriously," he said.

"But today the desire for awards has become a fetish. Papers may be losing money, losing circulation, and laying off people left and right, but they will have a wall full of awards - prisoners of the past rather than enthusiasts for the future.""


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