Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bud Selig upset about twitter usage, warns writers, scolds players

Bud Selig's idea of baseball speech, images of players, etc., is that it's best controlled by him. Free speech is inconsistent with monopolies. XM 175 used to air Baseball Beat with Charley Steiner which was a great service and brought fans closer to the game. The engaging and newsy content of the show was in fact politically correct, ie most speech would have been Selig approved.
  • On the other hand, there were interesting tid bits fans might not otherwise have known. The popular program was, coincidentally of course, canceled. XM MLB channel itself once had a bit of distinction, now is more an outlet for Selig patronage. ed.
"Major League Baseball is cracking down on Twitter usage, ordering MLB.com writers
  • to cease tweeting about all non-baseball topics and
Bud Selig is known to be quite sensitive about all baseball related speech. He wants things a certain way. On the other hand, a commenter at Sports Journalists recalls MLB.com articles usually state they're not subject to the approval of MLB.com. Apparently not the case. You can't maintain control unless you control speech. (Both sources linked here use the term "MLB" where I would use the term "Bud Selig.") ed.

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