Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Near stampede for Yankee-Red Sox seats offered on Jet Blue Tampa to Boston flight

"Just before they shut the doors on the full flight from Tampa to Boston, a JetBlue agent stepped into the plane. It seems that the passenger I'd nosed out of the last seat really needed to get to Boston and had a proposition. Even though, the agent announced, she knew that a Boston-bound flight was probably a Red Sox stronghold, There was practically a stampede of passengers trying to be the first to exit, and I flew back across the aisle from the greatest closer in baseball -- and maybe aviation too."...
  • One commenter wrote the following:
"mr_milkshakes says: Impetuous Beantowners should be ashamed of themselves. Mariano Rivera has 47 lifetime(probably higher) saves vs Red Sox. The entire plane should have stayed put. There was a time when a "grudge" meant something.".... Above photo came to my attention on March 25, taken of Mo with Jet Blue crew member on day of flight about which above story was written by the Daily Racing Form author. photo from Jet Blue blog.


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