Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bill Madden in Yankee radio booth at The Boss

Bill visits Suzyn and John in the booth for a half inning with topics including realignment, Pittsburgh fans, and Madden's biography of George Steinbrenner due out next month via Harper Collins. Bill has about 35 years of experience on his subject. On realignment publicity, Suzyn said the latest plan sounds like most simple solutions to very deep problems. Bill gives John Henry credit for starting the recent attention to teams taking money in and not spending it on players. Said Henry's naming names led to MLB telling the Marlins they should give star pitcher Josh Johnson an extension. Madden said a lot of teams get $60 million in funds just to start out, and he feels especially sorry for Pittsburgh fans. Suzyn agrees Pittsburgh has great sports fans, all in booth praise beautiful taxpayer funded state of the art Pirates stadium.

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