Monday, March 15, 2010

Radio show ejected for mocking Mark McGwire outside Roger Dean Stadium

Palm Beach Post, 3/12: "Roger Dean Stadium general manager Joe Pinto...booted radio station Wild 95.5 from the ballpark because of what he called a "tasteless" stunt.
  • From a stand outside the stadium, the station urged listeners and patrons to throw "steroid darts" at a life-sized cutout of McGwire, the new St. Louis Cardinals batting coach who recently admitted he took steroids during his playing days.

"Mark McGwire is a partner on our team. I'm not going to exploit the guy,' Pinto said. "My issue was they were doing something stupid on our property. It wasn't right. It was tasteless.'

"It was not done to be mean-spirited," said Rolston... "It was done on a topical baseball issue as a way to give tickets away.

  • "Our point is, I don't think many people are past it, even after the apology he gave, unless they're blinded by being diehard Cardinals fans.'"

from Palm Beach Post, 3/12/10, by Joe Capozzi, "Wild 95.5 booted from Roger Dean Stadium because of stunt mocking Mark McGwire," via AOL Fanhouse

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