Saturday, December 19, 2009

St. Louis Today compares Obama 'extra inning save' in Copenhagen to Mariano Rivera

  • This may or may not be a joke. In any case, baseball appears to provide a frame of reference for newspaper people in St. Louis. Not that it wouldn't be apt if a 'save' had actually been obtained, but most other accounts see the 'outing' as a 'hold' at best.
StLToday: "As the clock struck 11 p.m. in Copenhagen on Friday, three hours after the U.N. Conference on Climate Change was scheduled to adjourn,

Like the New York Yankees’ star relief pitcher, Mr. Obama came out of the bullpen to salvage something that had eluded representatives of 192 nations for 11 days: A tentative agreement among nations rich and poor to begin reducing greenhouse emissions that scientists believe imperil the planet....

Mr. Obama’s achievement in Copenhagen was to align the United States and the fast-growing economies of China, Brazil and India behind a grudging consensus that the threat is real.

  • This was no mean feat and speaks to the respect for America that Mr. Obama has restored on the international stage. In a single day, the president met with Japanese and European leaders and held two private meetings with China’s premier, Wen Jiabao.
  • He earned the save."...

from Editorial Board, St. Louis Today.com, 12/18/09, "Copenhagen: A Save in Extra Innings"

  • Most other newspapers rated Obama's performance neutral at best, even the Europeans who tend to favor him. It was a one-day thing involving an elaborate scam by a few billionaires and the United Nations. It has grown unfettered for many years into a trillion dollar industry including high risk carbon trading exchanges.
  • A great deal is now at stake that has been built on nothing. The Post Dispatch has news accounts at its disposal describing this event as a simple transfer of effort, time, and earnings of US citizens and their children to UN grifters, African dictators, Chinese exploiters and a group of islands. The alleged science involved whether true or false (and it is of course a joke) should never have merited this assault on our people.
  • The phrase 'science says' has been popularized by the media (who have been 100% uncritical and on board with global warming) as a billy club to beat us into submission.
  • If this editorial is not a joke, one appreciates the devotion to baseball in St. Louis.


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