Friday, December 18, 2009

San Francisco DA threatens Oakland A's, MLB over move to San Jose

Rich Lieberman Report, 12/17: "SF DA Dennis Herrera's letter to Major League Baseball threatening litigation if the A's go ahead with their feeble plans to move to San Jose, is more window-dressing, but the mere act itself demonstrates the hoard of hurdles facing A's front man Lew Wolff as he pursues the South Bay. **...Oakland's announcement of four possible downtown/Jack London Square sites for a new A's home, semi-pushes Wolff into a corner. It also helps that the leader of the campaign is developer Doug Boxer, Senator Boxer and powerful Oakland Congresswoman, Barbara Lee, (head of the Congressional Black caucus) All of these latest developments can only further muddle and delay any remote chance that San Jose could get the A's in the next five years. Litigation, local SJ voter/residential stadium opposition, combined with financing and infrastructure issues are only a smidgen of the hurdles....
  • (even with their old, dank Oakland Coliseum, they made millions last year)"...
From Rich Lieberman Report, "Dennis Herrera and the A's", 12/17/09, via Radio Daily News


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