Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pennsylvania radio station sabotaged

"A 350-foot-tall WAEB radio tower crashed to the ground early Friday in Whitehall Township after
  • its support cables were cut, township police said.
Five hours later, two radio towers near Everett, Wash., were knocked to the ground by a bulldozer in what officials feared was an act of eco-terrorism. The FBI said Friday night is looking into the possibility the two crimes are linked.
  • "The FBI is aware of [the Whitehall case] and is going to be looking into it," said J.J. Klaver, FBI special agent in Philadelphia. "I don't want to venture a guess as to whether the two things are related. That's probably premature."
Klaver added, however, that it is extraordinary that one radio tower would be toppled in the East and two would fall in the West on the same morning."... (The perps have no worries. The government appears to have no interest in solving or stopping this kind of crime). framus

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