Saturday, September 05, 2009

Caller to WFAN blames Joe Torre for Chamberlain's ruination

I was stunned to tune to Steve Somers on WFAN tonight and hear him say they'd been talking about Joba Chamberlain for 2 days. Chamberlain isn't worth this attention and it sounds like people are starting to catch on. A caller's way-out theory (with which Somers didn't agree) was approximately:
  • Joe Torre must have scared the Yankee front office into handling Chamberlain the way they have. You know, Torre overused so many relievers, they must have been afraid that was going to happen with Chamberlain, so they made him a starter and cut back his innings....
His limited and sculpted performance as a starter combined with his bad makeup (personality, character, demeanor) have never warranted fireworks. The mishandling by the Yankee front office of his pitching career and using him as a promotional vehicle were not helpful. He's 'just a kid' but so are others in MLB and they don't act like a buffoon or drive drunk while father of a toddler.
  • Some who bought Chamberlain's act are now saying, well, the Yankees don't really need him in the post season anyway, so why not shut him down--you know protect their investment, keep the kid fresh, etc.
  • Right, and you end up minus a pitcher proving both Chamberlain and the plan failed. And you forced the rest of the staff to pick him up all year. Classic case of the Tail Wagging the Dog. (Why not drag half the kids out of high school and throw them into Yankee Stadium as another caller suggested?)
I understand the final chapter hasn't yet been written on this farce, but as it looks now, Mike Francesa will be proven right. (Comments to Somers were between 8:06-9pm ET).

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