Monday, April 27, 2009

Bugs and Yankee brass neutered Chamberlain-Francesa

Caller about Joba's use, Francesa says making him a starter was an organizational decision based on the idea starting pitchers are the most expensive commodity. An opposite result has occurred. You have Joba trying to become a craftsman which he's not.
  • You're taking an all-out terrifying force in late innings and neutering him. He's not cut out for this role.
  • He scares no one.
And the team is without late inning relief.
  • The "Bugs" game in Cleveland started to break his powerful aura
  • and the Yankee brass finished the job.
Francesa says he obviously can't be moved now with Wang out, but it should be considered for future. On the subject of Girardi, Francesa and others say he looks like he's trying to emulate Tony La Russa. Whatever he's doing, it's not good so far this year.

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