Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whoever 'the Yankees' are, this is how they think

In the Yankee Stadium Ticket Information and Fan Guide (mailed to prospective ticket buyers awhile ago),
  • 1. On opening the front cover, there is a picture of one Yankee, Alex Rodriguez. Who had nothing to do with building championships.
  • 2. Who else do 'the Yankees' recognize? A few pages later I see a photo of--Johnny Damon. Also had nothing to do with championships.
  • 3. I flip the page and see a more logical choice--Derek Jeter--I'm pretty sure it's him--they just show him from the back with #2.
  • 4. Facing that page is --another of Alex Rodriguez, page 9.
  • 5. Hey, finally, on page 55, the heart and soul of a true champ. Who has yet to pitch for one season not to mention 3 contiguous levels of post season games--Joba Chamberlain (doing his fist pump).
Others have pointed out the Yankee team faces competition from the needs of a new stadium as well as those of the YES Network. I admit one page in there had a thumbnail photo of Yankee Magazine with Jeter's face on it. And there was an ad for Steiner Collectibles that showed a shirt with 42 on it.
  • Even though global warming (excess CO2) does not exist, on page 28 the so-called Yankees say: "Guests and employees are encouraged to utilize public transportation in order to reduce CO2 emissions and reliance on foreign oil." Right. That'll do it.

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