Monday, April 27, 2009

Mike Francesa on the state of the Yankees

Francesa on WFAN today about the state of the Yankees: Red Sox are better in the front office, better top to bottom...Yankee front office is asleep compared to the Red Sox'...Yankees can't even use Joba Chamberlain correctly. They're in the middle of ruining his career. They've neutered him. Girardi can't do anything right (because) he has no options, nowhere to go for pitching. Bullpen has no bona fide 7th or 8th inning men, no one to get to Rivera. Angel Berroa was miles off third base at the time of the Ellsbury steal, so not credible the Yankees knew it was coming.
  • Francesa says Red Sox have been lucky too. They tried to get Arod and missed. They tried to get Teixeira and missed. If they had gotten Teixeira it might have removed Mike Lowell who continues to be great for them. Francesa points to the acquisitions of Beckett and Lowell when Epstein wasn't in the front office, which at the time Epstein said he wouldn't have done himself.
On Rivera, Francesa allows a caller to angrily bash him for some of his losses last year. Which would have been fine if Francesa reminded the caller that Rivera played injured and in pain the entire season, put off surgery to try and help the team. Not that others don't do it, but you don't heap scorn on a pitcher in this situation. Unless you're in New York.

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