Monday, January 05, 2009

NY JUDGE RONALD ELLIS TO MADOFF VICTIMS: DROP DEAD--Madoff mailed $1 million in items to relatives from his apartment

The US let Madoff stay in his apartment instead of going to jail, and the result? Merchandise worth over $1 million that could have helped people he robbed was sent by him to relatives. The US has shown its complete and total incompetence yet again. All involved in this decision should be fired immediately:

At a hearing Monday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Marc Litt said Mr. Madoff should be jailed pending trial on a securities fraud charge after he or his wife mailed items, including $1 million in jewelry and other valuables, following an injunction freezing his assets in a parallel civil case.

Mr. Litt said Mr. Madoff or his wife attempted to transfer valuables and Mr. Madoff personally sent a handwritten note with at least one of the items. "There's no practical way to prevent that from happening again," Mr. Litt said."...

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