Saturday, January 03, 2009

MLB suits take media bait about needing to be liked

Some MLB executives with an eye on global dollars or political correctness buy a media pop-theme the US needs to be liked more. Mentioned in an article were Sandy Alderson, Mark Shapiro, and Donald Fehr:

The International Olympic Committee voted in July 2005 to drop baseball and softball following the 2008 Beijing Games. When a vote for reinstatement took place the following February, baseball lost 46-42 and softball failed 47-43.

At the time, International Softball Federation president Don Porter said: "I think "I think clearly how the world looks at America is going to be different with Barack Obama in the White House," Cleveland Indians general manager Mark Shapiro said. ... The whole idea of other countries 'liking us' is a media creation used as a weapon to divert attention from what our real problems are. The media sells America hatred 24/7 such as Newsweek's vile covers including international versions.
  • Whether we're liked 'internationally'? By whom for example?
  • How is France for example with their Muslim car-burning riots a place that's better than we are, next to whom the US should be begging for approval?
Or countries in Africa, we should beg Somali pirates to like us? (Somali pirates detained in Somalia, ap photo) As far as getting 'the Olympics' to like us, to 'let baseball back in' (if we guarantee them Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, and Johan Santana for openers, who by the way are not employees of any foreign country or Olympic embezzler), we all have access to the internet and read of
  • continuous corruption, embezzling, and cheating by countries and officials involved in the Olympics. Baseball is dying to be 'accepted' by an international crime syndicate and buys into a media creation that America needs to be liked.
If it hasn't been, it's mostly the media's doing along with learned cultures of death and hatred in other countries.
  • Some remember the names Dan Rather and Eason Jordan and exactly how they fell.
(P.S. I wonder what facts would lead them to their conclusion about Obama?) sm

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