Sunday, November 09, 2008

Airlines CO2 Tax will tax the 'Global Game of Baseball'

Even though the CO2 man-made climate change hoax has been made public, and methane is the new darling of alarmists, MLB signed on to promote the cause. Too bad, it's just another way for shuck & jive artists to steal money, and all glammed up by Hollywood. Now US airlines are crying foul over Europe's new CO2 taxes on them. How can MLB morally or practically support increased global air travel? Critics claim it would cost upwards of $4.5 billion a year to bring airlines into what’s known as the European Emissions Trading Scheme, part of a broader EU scheme to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020, from 1990 levels....
  • “And while the EU has experienced rapid growth in emissions, the United States hasn’t,” Burleson said. “We don’t need any additional marketing incentives because we’re already done a pretty good job.”...
Today's multi-billion dollar carbon offset trading scams owe thanks in part to Canadian and UN billionaire Maurice Strong (an inconvenient fact--they get nasty about those):

This group then created a plan to get the rich countries to "sign an agreement reducing their impact on the environment." When the rich countries refused, the group decided "the only hope for the planet"

  • Two years later, he helped lay the foundation for the Kyoto Protocol at the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro.
  • His name is Maurice Strong, and he would love to see America collapse....
P.S. I am in favor a clean environment. I was raised by a forestry major and a conservationist. Without air conditioning. I just don't like crooks, especially global ones. (sm)

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