Saturday, November 08, 2008

Diamondbacks seek Johnson who already has 302 Wins

(Newsday, Ken Davidoff): "The Diamondbacks want to re-sign Randy Johnson, 45, who has 295 career wins.
  • He is expected to come back,
No need--Randy Johnson in fact has 302 Wins already. He has 7 post season wins, add them to the 295 regular season wins= 302. If players, especially in the age of 3 levels of post season play, are not going to get credit for their life work and achievement, then they should not play in the post season. (The item about Johnson is at the end of the article which is mainly about an unrelated topic).
  • Persons with character and integrity would not put up with this system. Therefore, no BBWAA voter has character or integrity. Only a certain type of individual goes after a job requiring such compromise and cowardice. Their ultimate goal is to obtain the approval of Bud Selig.(sm)


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