Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fox News staff told to go soft on Obama on orders from Murdoch

From the Radio Equalizer, 11/7/08: "Confirming the worst fears of millions of dedicated fans, the Fox News Channel really has gone soft on Obama. That's at a time when viewers are counting on it to remain a key opposition voice during a disturbing political shift away from freedom and prosperity. According to columnists Rush & Malloy of the New York Daily News, Fox has issued a chilling edict to its hosts that they must cease criticism of Obama for the near future:
  • This confirms an almost-identical account your Radio Equalizer was given Wednesday evening from a key source.
  • Rupert Murdoch himself.
"Personal attacks", by the way, can be construed to mean any criticism of Barack Obama whatsoever. Unfortunately, this is a great way to send FNC's audience running for the hills, with evening talk radio as the likely beneficiary. Meanwhile, the left will still hate Fox. (I don't watch Fox News, but I understand it has a large audience who count on it for certain things. All television news is unwatchable in my experience). sm


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