Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seattle Mariners back to KIRO Radio in 2009

All game announcers are expected to return as well to the Bonneville station and all are Mariners employees:
  • Dave Niehaus, Rick Rizzs, Dave Sims and Mike Blowers.

On the other hand, (Seattle PI): "The current pre- and post-game broadcasters -- including Shannon Drayer, KOMO's lead Mariner reporter and the station's Mariner blogger -- are employed by KOMO, so they could be looking for work if KIRO doesn't hire them."

  • When I see the word "landscape" regarding baseball today I've learned it's a euphemism for Bud Selig:
(Seattle PI): "As part of the new radio landscape, radio stations don't have the exclusivity they
  • once had over the audio of the game,
(KOMO's owner) Fisher dropped out of the running for a new contract last month, the previous contract having both helped the station define itself in the marketplace and prove very costly over the six-year run."....
  • (I still don't understand how every local station carrying a team didn't sue MLB when the satellite deal was made without their advance approval as it cost them millions. If they did they apparently lost). sm

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  • I sure hope that KIRO doesn't hire the idiots from komo!!! the grating voice of the know it all drayer,,, TERRIBLE!!! and the stooge hutler,, he announced on the air that he prefers the canadian national anthem over ours!! I would have fired him on the spot!!! now if the M's would get rid of the smarmy rizzs,, mr. disco,, the purveyor of useless facts... he SUCKS!!!
    Back to KIRO,,,, I CAN'T WAIT!!!

    By Blogger Bear, at 7:39 PM  

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