Sunday, July 20, 2008

Obama 'the A-rod of Politics'--Boston Globe, Vennochi

"Barack Obama always was a larger-than-life candidate with a healthy ego. Now he's turning into the A-Rod of politics. It's all about him.

  • He's giving his opponent something other than issues to attack him on: narcissism.
A convention hall isn't good enough for the presumptive Democratic nominee. He plans to deliver his acceptance speech in the 75,000 seat stadium where the Denver Broncos play. Before a vote is cast, he's embarking on a foreign policy tour that will use cheering Europeans - and America's top news anchors -
  • as extras in his campaign."...
From Boston Globe column by Joan Vennochi, "The Audacity of Ego," 7/20/08. via Lucianne.com

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