Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Marlon Anderson is a man, and he's in the Mets clubhouse--NY Times

George Vecsey notes the Mets need leadership even more than perfect games:
  • make them talk among themselves and conduct themselves with some visible passion, perhaps feeling the way they did when they were younger and this game was fun.

It says something about this team that the player who turned up the voltage in the dead-battery Mets was Marlon Anderson, a bench player just off the disabled list. He was in the lineup Wednesday night, replacing the perhaps terminally hobbling Moises Alou, but Anderson’s presence was also felt Tuesday,

So he took some initiative, which, frankly, on this team is long overdue.... Anderson spoke to a couple of teammates about his plan, and...he distributed a printed page with several slogans — we-can-do-it clichés, whatever — and a statistical preview"....of a projected Mets winning season.... From NY Times column by George Vecsey, "Marlon Anderson Writes a Winning Formula for the Mets," 6/12/08

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