Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"Unleash the full fury of Joba to Mariano to John Sterling"--NY Post

(NY Post): "Keep Chamberlain where he is and you hang a psychological sword of Damocles over the other team's head: you have six, maybe seven innings to make hay before we unleash

Remember, Joe Torre stopped being Clueless Joe as soon as he was able

  • to trot out the young Rivera to get the game into John Wetteland's closer hands.

Remember, Rivera had been a starter. Imagine if the braintrust went that way with him. With apologies to Don Mattingly, Girardi would be wearing No. 23 today, talking about the Yankees' 23rd championship.

  • Keep him where he is because his emotional makeup at this point in time is better served for shorter, apoplectic bursts of adrenaline....

He's made for it. He's a bulldog. A middle linebacker bringing the heat. Living on the edge.

Besides, what guarantee is there that he will be another Clemens anyway? The odds of him becoming even more dominant as a starter than he already is now cannot be considered good."...

P.S. One constantly hears, "Mariano Rivera is a failed starter," but until today I had never ONCE heard--in voluminous media coverage-- after hearing Mike Francesa on the topic. He was saying there's no guarantee someone will succeed as a starter, that teams had tried and failed to make Gossage one. (sm)

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