Monday, April 07, 2008

It's only common sense

Everything has consequences. There's much evidence about physical and mental consequences of international travel. No need to pretend about it. If you want to keep quiet about it, fine. There are also consequences if you tell the truth--you run into the corporate world of the Red Sox and MLB.
  • From the NY Times, 3/18/08--(I almost hate to mention it because the writer might get in trouble) sm

"...Red Sox players have been instructed not to complain about jet lag."...

On XM about a week ago Charley Steiner noted:
  • "None of the Red Sox players will go on the record about this",
  • but they'll be happy if they're around "500 at the end of April "
because this long trip (Asia, California) has taken so much out of them.
  • Which is only common sense. (Steiner himself had recently returned from China with the Dodgers).
If it were possible to play around the globe without sacrificing one's own season, it would've been done long ago. But it's not.

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