Saturday, February 16, 2008

Paul Byrd Refuses to Say if he still Injects HGH- but his book comes out in August--AP report

Paul Byrd refuses to say today whether he's still injecting HGH: or if he was still using the drug.
  • In his press conference before Game 7, Byrd was adamant that his use of HGH didn't mean he cheated. Asked Friday if he thought people looked at him as a cheater, Byrd said, "I hope to answer that question later."
Byrd has written a book titled "Free Byrd," which will be available in August. The book is about lessons he's learned in life and his career. He said he added a chapter about the HGH issue in the offseason." (Gee, no long, several hour "sit-down" to clear the air for confused paparazzi? I'm shocked. Oh well, everyone will buy his book). sm

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