Monday, January 07, 2008

"WHEN HE WAS FINISHED, MITCHELL HUGGED HIM.(McNamee)"--NY TIMES (aka "George Mitchell Gazette")

NY Times, Kepner: "When he was finished, McNamee said, Mitchell hugged him."
  • ie, After McNamee confirmed the information to George Mitchell that he'd already given the government, Mitchell hugged him. (Yes, we can well imagine the elation Mitchell felt)....
From NY Times article by Tyler Kepner, "Trainer Says Steroids Were Widespread," 1/08/07 The New York Times is part owner of the Boston Red Sox and George Mitchell receives income in that connection. This fact should be mentioned in every NY Times story about this farce of a "report."
  • P.S. The NY Times (aka The George Mitchell Gazette)fails to mention Paul Byrd is smiling tonight.

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