Monday, January 07, 2008

It sounds like McNamee called Clemens because he needed money...

Listening to tape of the phone conversation on XM MLB 175, in the beginning Brian tells of the money he has to spend on security now, he's living in a one bedroom apartment, etc. Later in the conversation he says to Roger, "Anything you can do to help...."
  • The tape is still playing on XM, but that's what stands out to me.
(McNamee: "I have a car that doesn't work...")
  • Later in the evening, I try to listen to WFAN and find Chris Carlin apparently pitching a job at ESPN. The dramatic, dripping, hateful performance he's giving the subject of the night is embarrassing to listen to. Carlin has no talent to begin with, but ESPN wil probably hire him if they haven't already.
The point isn't Roger Clemens anyway. The point is the report should not have named names for the public unless it had evidence on all teams. Even Dibs and Kevin say that everyday on XM, that it's a PR stunt. THE POINT ISN'T CLEMENS. THE POINT IS AN UNPROFESSIONAL AIRING OF AN INCOMPLETE REPORT BY PEOPLE WHO WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET WHAT THEY WANT. SOMEONE FROM THAT SIDE NEEDS TO PAY BIG FOR THIS. There is balance in nature. What was done with this report must be paid for somehow. For starters, stop buying tickets to MLB games.

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