Friday, January 04, 2008

Twins passed on Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, & Buchholz--Charley Walters

The Twins chose to pass on the following pitchers in the draft per Charley Walters:

  • Phil Hughes, #23 pick in 2004 draft
  • Clay Buchholz, #42 pick in 2005 draft
  • Ian Kennedy, #21 pick, 2006 draft

Charley Walters article: "Several pitchers the Twins have sought in a trade for Johan Santana are players they passed up in baseball's amateur draft.

The Yankees are willing to depart with Hughes for Santana, but not Hughes and another pitcher the Twins have sought, Ian Kennedy.

The Twins could have drafted Kennedy or Chamberlain in 2006.

  • In the 2005 draft, the Twins chose Matt Garza with the No. 25 pick and first baseman Henry Sanchez at No. 39. Three picks later, the Boston Red Sox chose pitcher Clay Buchholz, whom the Twins would like in a deal for Santana."...

From Pioneer Press article by Shooter Charley Walters, "Minnesota Vikings Coach Brad Childress' job Safe for 2008," 1/4/08
  • P.S. I was surprised to read the Twins passed on the 3 Yankee pitchers mentioned. From listening to baseball reporters' comments on radio programs, I'd received the impression the Yankees only got these pitchers because they were greedy, mean, cruel, and rich. And that no other teams could ever hope to get such good players because the Yankees had more money. Mr. Walters' information sheds a different light on the subject. (sm)

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