Wednesday, January 09, 2008

To George Mitchell Gazette folks, aka the NY Times: opt out

Today from Mr. Kepner, NY Times, about Andy Pettitte (not Paul Byrd, ALDS champ): First Andy Pettitte isn't forced to deal with any question any member of the media may have. He doesn't owe any of you a living. Second, WHY HAVEN'T YOU FORCED PAUL BYRD TO TALK ABOUT AN "UNCOMFORTABLE" TOPIC SINCE HE'S ON THE NATIONAL STAGE?
  • There's no difference between the baseball media and your average ambulance chaser or group of vultures. That you choose this heinous way to earn a living isn't Andy's problem, nor the fans' problem and it shouldn't be the Yankees problem. No baseball writer should be allowed on Yankee property until further notice. I'm quite serious.
Reference, NY Times article by Tyler Kepner, "Forecast for Spring: More Yankees Drama," 1/10/08

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