Sunday, January 27, 2008

More hardware for Biggest Cheaters of 2007--the Cleveland Indians

Tonight the cheater's boss Eric Wedge will receive manager of the year award at the New York Baseball Writers dinner (BBWAA). Recently Paul Byrd's even bigger boss Mark Shapiro won executive of the year at the Boston baseball writers dinner. The big hardware goes to the bosses of the biggest syringe user of 2007--ALDS champ Paul Byrd.
  • The writer of this column in the Akron Beacon Journal seems to have fears about his guy Sabathia coming into the New York baseball writers group tonight to get his award, fearing one of the New York teams will sign the guy. The writer forgets a system is well in place to keep the Yankees from overspending but he thinks New York teams do nothing but throw money at anyone and everyone. This writer either wants to promote the usual envy and hatred or is lazy.
Why would the Yankees want to continue to pay half again their payroll ($100 million) in revenue sharing every year? Not to mention millions more in luxury tax? Not to mention the 40% penalty on new contracts at this point? It's the fans that pay, he forgets, the fans that can't afford to go to games. And it's the homegrown young players they want to see, not out of towners looking for their big cash bonanza.
  • As far as the dinner, the Baseball Writers especially in New York are more concerned with their financial futures. Which emanate from Bristol, Connecticut, from Bud Selig at MLB.com, or from each other, the frat boys. Not from the New York Yankees or New York Mets. Dan Graziano, last years NY Chapter president, has nothing but contempt for the greatest present day Yankee stars, and on top of that, he has no class. He made a point of showing this in humiliating fashion at last year's dinner.
Baseball writers are most worried about currying favor with the Red Sox and MLB/ESPN. Dibs and Kevin even said this on their program recently(neither of them is a Yankee fan). So, don't worry about anyone in New York trying to get your guy Sabathia. Sabathia wouldn't want to be on the Yankees anyway. The Indians had the biggest cheater of 2007 in baseball, Paul Byrd, who wouldn't deny injecting HGH up to and including the ALDS, yet has completely skated on negative publicity. Syringes and vials in the hundreds all over the place, but he tells the media "it's a private matter." What happened to one Yankee who used it 2 times in 2002 while on the DL? He about had his career destroyed in vicious round the clock lies and slander.
  • The Akron Beacon Journal should open its eyes--the Yankees want their home grown players, not out of towners looking to cash in. MLB owners have worked a system to prevent the Yankees from over spending and it's working.
Reference, "Pat's Beside the Point," Patrick McManamon, Akron Beacon Journal, 1/27/08

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