Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Nightmare of Baseball Globalization--Dodgers in Communist China

NinerintnBlog on Thu Jan 24, 2008 05:09 pm
  • "It's AMERICAS PASTIME NOT CHINAS OR ANYONES ELSES PASTIME! But when it comes to filling Bud Seligs' money bags, who cares right?"
The false notion of globalization when it comes to baseball is in reality being confined on a cramped airplane breathing bad air for hours, taxing the immune system at best, tearing teams, families and fans apart. My response to points raised in the AP article:
  • First, you can barely see the game on US TV or playgrounds. We know this. Why aren't we repairing this problem in the US before twisting and contorting ourselves tearing families apart for this foolish Communist China trip? Or even Puerto Rico?
  • Second, a preoccupation with the Olympics. Talk to the Olympics guys, what do they pound their fists about? They absolutely MUST have the BEST U.S. players. Sure, no problem.
  • If Winfield wants to give a "gift" to the rest of the world, let him do so. Perhaps he's been leading a sheltered life, but millions of people in this country are desperate themselves. The U.S. has already given away everything that wasn't nailed down to make a buck.
  • This set of games in Communist China occurs while the Dodgers have a spring training schedule needed for their own team and fans. Again, pitching will be negatively affected. This is a nightmare.
(AP REPORT): "Unlike soccer and basketball, baseball and American football are invisible on playgrounds in China and absent from TV coverage.
  • The two exhibitions and the Olympics in Beijing give baseball a chance to show its appeal, with the sport dropped from the 2012 London Olympics but looking to return in 2016.

"There is personal disappointment that baseball won't be part of the Olympics in 2012," Winfield added. "We'll do everything we can to keep baseball on the agenda and on your minds and keep making it part of the world, our gift to the rest of the world."

  • Torre and Winfield promised that many of their top players would make the trip to Beijing. Both teams have concurrent spring training games in the U.S.

"We're making an effort to make it pretty equal — leaving back and bringing here," Torre said. "Pitching is going to be the toughest consideration. You're going to be playing two games here and you are going to be playing six or seven games in Florida. But you are going to see front-line players.""

(If you don't like this post, enjoy your career at ESPN)

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