Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Winter Baseball in Puerto Rico on Verge of Extinction

It would be a mistake to read this and weep. What might be helpful is to read it and get angry.

Billionaires took the money from the WBC. 1% of the value of MLB.com could bring back baseball in Puerto Rico. I understand how badly these guys want to keep every penny for themselves but never show us the books.

  • "After 69 years in existence, the Puerto Rico Winter League cancelled its upcoming season because of financial problems.

Fortunately, Major League Baseball may step in and salvage part of Puerto Rico's sports heritage by sponsoring an alternative winter season league.

  • "I'm very concerned there is no baseball in Puerto Rico. I'm disappointed, because Puerto Rico has a culture and a history of playing the game. Second, we use the league as a developmental tool, and that will not be available now. We are not happy about it. The fans are not very happy about it. We have to put our heads together, between MLB and Puerto Rico and the Players Association, and keep baseball alive in some shape or form."

Lou Melendez, MLB VP-International Baseball Operations."

From AmericanTaino.blogspot.com 8/21/07
  • P.S. I can hear Allen H. "Bud" Selig's voice now: "Be-LIEVE me, Chris, be-LIEVE me......"

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